Book Review: “Legal Issues in Electronic Commerce, 2nd Edition”

This collection of works is part of the Canadian Legal Studies Series. The book takes a seven-part outlook on contemporary issues in electronic commerce in deftly organized way that captures subjects that are extremely interrelated. Part 1 is a general introduction to the complex nature of cyberspace, electronic commerce and information technologies, and the challenges they pose for social, legal, and economic regulation. Part 2 is a collection of materials discussing the dynamics of electronic commerce from diverse disciplinary perspectives. Parts 3 and 4 are respectively devoted to materials dealing with the sexy objects of regulation and jurisdiction in relation to cyberspace. Part 5 deals with domain names. Part 6 is titled “local functional issues”, and Part 7 concludes the work. This work draws from an impressive repository of diverse sources, making it a comprehensive work for mainstream researchers on a collection of fast evolving subject matters. The book draws very heavily on American law and legal issues and with moderate focus on Canadian jurisdiction in a manner that tempts one to think about a more exact title for the book than the present. This is an especially useful work for introducing researchers to the relevant issues in the field, and can help inspire meaningful and topical research projects.

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Oguamanam, Chidi, Book Review of ‘Legal Issues in Electronic Commerce, 2nd Edition’ (2006). 5 Canadian Journal of Law and Technology 1 (2005).

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