Current Realities of Collaborative Intellectual Property in Africa

The research in this publication shed new light on the diverse nature of innovation and creativity in African settings, and on the different IP policies and practices related to innovation and creativity on the continent. When linked with broader development objectives and models, these findings offer insights into the nature of IP-related dynamics in relation to innovation and creativity in Africa, and guidance towards IP policy and management possibilities. Section 2 of this publication looks at the modalities of innovation and creativity uncovered through the case studies. Section 3 examines collaborative IP approaches across the studies. Section 4 looks at the visions of socio-economic development explicitly or implicitly present in the contexts studied. Section 5 summarises findings in relation to the book’s three central themes: collaborative innovation and creativity, openness and IP. Section 6 concludes the book with recommendations to African policy-makers.


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de Beer, Jeremy and Armstrong, Chris and Oguamanam, Chidi and Schonwetter, Tobias, Current Realities of Collaborative Intellectual Property in Africa (2014). J. de Beer, C. Armstrong, C. Oguamanam & T. Schonwetter, “Current Realities of Collaborative Intellectual Property in Africa” in J. de Beer et al, eds, The Collaborative Dynamics of Innovation and Intellectual Property in Africa (Cape Town: UCT Press, 2014), p. 373-94..

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